Leadership Skills learned in an innovative way

Dr Anil Kumar T

Leadership skills learnt in an innovative way!

The role of a ‘Principal’ changed after the pandemic. Keeping in mind the holistic development of every child, Bangalore International Academy continues to evolve, facilitate 212 century skills and prepare students for higher education. In order to bridge the learning styles of individuals, a safe learning environment with state-of-the-art classrooms have been designed. This encompasses classes at the Montessori level, math lab, robotics lab that is operational in the school.
STEAM education has been implemented in classroom instruction and in after-school programmes. We have integrated music, dance, outdoor and indoor sports with academics. To help kids explore avenues for higher education, several enrichment activities and field trips, such as trip to the NASA Space Station are organised. Anil Kumar believes that every individual has the capacity to become a leader.

Hence, annual school council elections are conducted at the institute. Student-led and managed events, scouts and guides camp, ISA activities, and so on are organized as well. To facilitate an array of experiences, several opportunities are provided to different grades through campus where, cleanliness and hygiene, theme-based movies, activities to make the best out of waste, cooking without fire, theme-based fancy dress, clay model competitions, active speaking and listening skill test, potluck lunches, and exhibitions on art integration projects are hosted.

The ebb and flow of the education system requires school leaders to pivot several times for betterment of the learning process. A newer experience is always about trying untried ones such as peer-to-peer learning, activity-based learning, student presentations and international exchange programmes with schools in Japan and the Netherlands.

Practices such as the ‘Book of Good Deeds’ where students record their experiences proved to be helpful for kids to pick up and practice empathy and self-understanding.

Such self-managed tasks helped students build on their leadership skills for example, by helping teachers organise school trips. CBSE training programmes and collaborations with EdTech partners such as Veda Handwriting, RoboGenius, and QtPi Robotics have made a difference in upskilling students and teachers Teachers are provided quarterly assesments supported by Indic Education.

These assesments help teachers to relect on their performance and identify gaps. With hybrid teaching and learning in place, cyber-use awareness programmes are organised to educate students and parents. Teachers are guided through ways and measures so that they become change-makers in their classrooms. At Bangalore International Academy we believe in creating humble and empathetic human beings.

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April 2023, Volume X, Issue 1

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